Create Account

Users can effortlessly create an account by providing their email address and setting up a password. Subsequently, a 6-digit verification code is sent to the provided email for confirmation. Once verified, users are prompted to update only essential details. We prioritize simplicity in the account creation process, requesting only the necessary information.


Make a profile for your vehicle

Users have the flexibility to input details of their owned vehicles, including make, model, color, VIN number, license plate, and more. Notably, users can add multiple vehicles to their account, accommodating all the vehicles they own.


Select shops around you to get a quote

Once you've added your vehicle details, you have the option to select nearby repair shops. Whether you prefer to view the closest repair shops in your vicinity or those within a specific zip code, the process remains straightforward and effortless.


Within 30 mins, your quotes arrive.

Approximately 30 minutes after submitting your repair requests, you can expect to receive quotes from the repair shops. The process is swift, ensuring minimal waiting time for users.


Select your repair facility, schedule maintenance and be on your way!

You have the freedom to select the most suitable quote from the list, pick your preferred repair facility, deliver your vehicle to them, and have your beloved car repaired hassle-free.