The 1st automotive repair app built by customers for customers. You click, shops compete, you win!

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Spend less on car repairs so you have more to spend where you need it!

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Has your check engine light been on for some time?

Have you been driving around for weeks with your check engine light on hoping it was just a fluke? Repairs could be more expensive the longer you wait.

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Are you getting the best value of your money?

Customer reviews help you pick a repair shop that will give you the best service at a price you can afford.

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Will the repair shop suggest unnecessary, costly repairs?

Simply plug in an OBDII device or go to your local auto parts retail store (Autozone, NAPA, O'Reilly, etc.) to get an OBDII reading for free. This will help identify what is going on with your vehicle and get the ObiiGO process started. Now you’re in control of your auto repairs!


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What our customers are saying.

Finally, an app that brings value to my family. Something we can use anywhere in the country if we should ever experience car issues. For the first time, I'm in charge of the repairs! Thank you ObiiGO!

"I drove around for two days trying to get my Honda repaired and was told to make an appointment or come back another day at each auto repair shop. I’m 79 years old and could use this app. I want my ObiiGO"
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Maria B.

“I was a multi-dealership owner for 25 years and have never seen anything like this app. It’s going to change the industry.”

Mo O.

“My Daughter was away at college and her check engine light came on. I can’t take off from work and drive four hours to help. This app will allow me to fix her car at a fair price and keep her and others safe on the road”. I want my ObiiGO!"


Alex S.


Is your check engine light on?

Sign up with ObiiGO and get code free™!

ObiiGo is revolutionizing the automotive industry

Never before has there been a tool to bring both the repair facility and car owners together like ObiiGO. Our mission is to assist both sides so the free market system works returning value to both parties.

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repair facilities in the US

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