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Benefits & Features

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

ObiiGO offers a seamless "Repair Now, Pay Later" feature, providing customers with flexibility in financing auto repairs. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty as they can address necessary repairs without immediate financial strain.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

By offering financing options through ObiiGO, auto repair facilities can attract a broader customer base. More customers may choose to proceed with repairs they might otherwise postpone due to financial constraints, thereby boosting the facility's overall revenue.

Streamlined Customer Engagement

ObiiGO's user-friendly app facilitates direct communication with customers, allowing auto repair facilities to gather feedback, provide updates, and offer promotions. This streamlined engagement contributes to a positive customer experience and builds long-term relationships.

Competitive Advantage

Implementing ObiiGO sets auto repair facilities apart from competitors by providing a modern and convenient payment solution. The "Repair Now, Pay Later" feature demonstrates a commitment to meeting customers' evolving needs and preferences, giving the facility a competitive edge in the market.

Comprehensive Business Management

Beyond financing options, ObiiGO offers tools for business management, such as customer reviews, referral programs, and marketing insights. These features empower auto repair facilities to optimize their operations, attract new customers, and foster a strong online presence.

Service History

Vechicle service history available to users and service centers . Also able to download the history that will benefit when resale your vehicle

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From End to End, ObiiGO Is the Only App That Sends Auto Repair Quotes to Your Phone, Finds You The Best Price, Schedules, And Offers Interest Free-No Credit Check Payment Options

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Sam M.

"I got a quote from my dealership and would have had to wait a week to get service. I decided to try ObiiGO and found a different service shop 20 minutes away. They quoted me $1500 less than the dealership and they were able to immediately get me in! Thank you for helping me save time and money ObiiGO! "


Maria B.

"I drove around for two days trying to get my Honda repaired and was told to make an appointment or come back another day at each auto repair shop. I'm 79 years old and could use this app. I want my ObiiGO"


Martha O.

"I was a multi-dealership owner for 25 years and have never seen anything like this app. It's going to change the industry."