How to use the ObiiGO app

Our core service is developing technology that connects drivers and riders on demand. Here’s how the app works, step by step.

Step 1

Car diagnosis with OBDII

The driver enters in the OBDII code or known repairs needed and the diagnosis code appears. The car owner searches for "top rated" repair facilities in their desired area.

obiigo obdii box 2020 sept
Step 2

Create a repair job submit for quoting

The car owner will send their bid to the top 4-5 repair facilities to quote on the repair job. The car owner will be able to message back and forth with the repair facility repair person.

Step 3

Accept the quote

Once the car owner is satisfied with the quotes they have received, they will accept the quote to lock it in and set an appointment to drop off their car.

ObiiGO scrinshot
Step 4

Car is ready, make a payment

Upon completion of the repairs, the car owner will be notified via text that their car is ready. The car owner will pay via the app.


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