Is your check engine light on?

Coming in March


Why ObiiGo

Is your check engine light on? ObiiGO bluetooths to your phone and instantly reads the codes. ObiiGO then sends those codes to repair shops in your area so they can bid on your repair. You click, shops bid, you win. Don't have a check engine light on? No problem.
With the ObiiGO app you can send regular maintenance inquires for oil changes, tire rotations, & more sent straight from your phone!

ObiiGO works with all gas-powered cars and trucks manufactured after 1996

Easy to install

Download ObiiGO Free app and bluetooth to your phone

ObiiGO App Diagnoses you car

ObiiGO app gives you a breakdown on what the codes mean

Connect with shops to bid for repairs

ObiiGO send the codes to participating auto repair facilities to bid on your repairs. Or you can click for "regular maintenance" on oil changes, alignments, etc.

How to Use OBDII

OBD-II scan tool will give you an extra way to find and fix problems while feeling like a professional mechanic at the same time.

Step One

Plugging the device in and turning everything on.

Step Two

Get the diagnostic trouble codes for your vehicle automatically

Step Three

Create a repair job and submit for bidding on ObiiGo

girl is using OBDII to diagnos the car issues


Finally, an app that brings value to my family. Something we can use anywhere in the country if we should ever experience car issues. For the first time, I'm in charge of the repairs! Thank you ObiiGO!

“I've got a quote from my dealership and would have had to wait a week to get service. I decided to try ObiiGO and found a different service shop 20 minutes away. They quoted me $1500 less than the dealership and they were able to immediately get me in! Thank you for helping me save time and money ObiiGO! "


Sam M.

"I drove around for two days trying to get my Honda repaired and was told to make an appointment or come back another day at each auto repair shop. I’m 79 years old and could use this app. I want my ObiiGO"
smiling brunette mature woman driving car

Maria B.

“I was a multi-dealership owner for 25 years and have never seen anything like this app. It’s going to change the industry.”

Mo O.

“My Daughter was away at college and her check engine light came on. I can’t take off from work and drive four hours to help. This app will allow me to fix her car at a fair price and keep her and others safe on the road”. I want my ObiiGO!"


Alex S.