About ObiiGo

ObiiGo is the 1st automotive repair quoting app built by customers, for customers

Why we do what we do

For years and years customers have dreaded the "check engine" light coming on, or the brakes squeaking only to let it go until the expense or repair costs more than if they had they fixed it sooner. Customers want good service at a fair price. Explaining to a customer why things cost what they cost and showing them the value means you'll have a client for life. The process starts with a OBDII or " I need this replaced" function on the app which will create the connection for the customer and shop owner. From there you are directed to a "quoting" platform for both the shop owner and customer, this will give each party an edge on the work and price. Free enterprise works best when fair value of work for a fair price is achieved. Technology in the auto repair industry has been very slow for consumers, while technology in the car industry has increased dramatically. This app will help people save money and help independent auto repair shops quote on more repairs.

Our Vision

ObiiGO's vision is to level the playing field for consumers and independent shop owners. To do this we feel that the free market systems best works when two sides come together for the best value.

Our mission

ObiiGO's mission statement is to revolutionize the auto repair industry for both consumers and independent shop owners. With COVID-19, our technology will save customers money on repairs and drive more business to repair facilities in a safe manner. ObiiGO will save consumers money on high repair costs to better their lives.